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Breakfast With Santa

BWS 2014! Still meeting in Mr. Carbone’s room, 2203


Dec 12 is the setup - Friday right afterschool, 14:00 until we get FPHS looking like a place that Santa would be proud.


Dec 13 – We meet at 06:00 to finalize whatever needs to be done.   Doors open at 08:30 to the masses.  Fun. Fun, fun for all concerned.



Dec 13 – Doors close at 11:30 and we need elves to help turn the area back into FPHS.  Usually all done by 14:00

Group Announcements
 Go to: 

You need to register your email but will NOT get ANY spam or solicitations.  The photographer is a teacher here and it is how you will get access to the photos.
Pictures with Santa
The Santa pictures will be uploaded very soon.  Check back for the link! 
10 Days out!!!

1. BWS Hat day is WEDNESDAY 12/4.  Wear your Santa hats and shirts.

2. Still lots to do,  where are the elves??

3. ALL ELF MEETING Tuesday,  12/10!  We need everyone to at least stop by for important information.
BWS Video
 Cool video of years past -  ;)
What does this video have to do with Physics you ask?
What does this have to do with Physics you ask?
Well,  I could go on about acoustics, harmonics and beat frequencies but the simple truth is that our Choir Director was looking for a way for students to take back some level of control in their lives and the world around them on September 13th, 2001-the first day back to school. Lacking the power to change the world, she took the initiative to change her kids.  An annual tradition began that somehow seems to bring the school closer and help those of us who remember standing in front of the kids trying to explain the inexplicable horror of what they were seeing and how our world was changed forever.
While I have no ability to produce a clear note of any sort,  my role is to appreciate those who can.  Amazing job Ms. Brittain and all Platinum singers.

If the linked video doesn't play look for it on youtube.

BWS Dec 15, 2012
Breakfast with Santa 2012 – Doors open This Saturday, Dec 15 at 08:30 and will stay open until 12:00.  Come on by for fun, pancakes & the Big, jolly fellow, SANTA!
BWS 2011!
What a blast & another great year (4th in a row). The ~ 75 FPHS kids (& the best & strongest group yet) were able to use last year's materials to put on a great show with Santa and ~1500 of his friends. Pics of the hot seat -  

Another one bites the dust!
What a blast & another great year (3rd in a row). The ~ 75 FPHS kids were able to use last year's materials to put on a great show with Santa and ~700 of his friends. Pics will appear soon that should put you right in the hot seat -
Update, 3 days out
Here is a first....we are down to almost nothing (providing everyone comes through with what they have said they would bring)!!!!

Whoppers (4    1/2 gallon containers)

Large chair for Santa (will return)
Still Needed!
5 days remain & we are still in need of a bunch of things.

Food items:
Syrup (3 gal jugs)
Pancake mix (5 bags @10lbs)
Butter/margarine  (4 small tubs or 2 large)
Kool aid drink mix  (5 containers)
Whoppers/pink whoppers   (5 reg ½ gal, 2 strawberry ½ gal)
Cinnamon (spice container 3-4)
Small tubes of black frosting for snowman eyes   (5)
Small pretzel sticks    (3 boxes)
Wrapped candy   (20 bags)
Small tubs of frosting  (10)
Sprinkles for cookies  (10 containers)
Oatmeal (dry flakes)      (2 cans)
Applejacks cereal  (2 boxes)
Gumdrops:  (10 bags)
M&M's:(not peanut) 5 bags
Hershey kisses 6 bags
Tootsie rolls 6 bags
Sugar cut-out cookies (100 doz!)
    Simple recipe (3 doz):  2 cups flour
                                                              3/4 c butter
                                                               3/4 c sugar
                                                               1 egg
                                                               1 tsp vanilla.
                                                             Roll to ¼” and use cutouts
                                                             Bake at 325 degrees on ungreased cookie sheet 13-15 minutes

Paper Products:
Paper towels   (30 rolls)
Plastic red/green table cloths   (30-60?)
Small paper plates for cookies   (500)
Large Ziplock bags for cookies/crafts  (1000)
Small ziplock bags   (1000)
Regular sandwich bags  (500)
Christmas large paper plates (120)
3 black sharpies for labeling

Craft Items:
Glue sticks   (30)
Duct tape white     (10 rolls)
Clear packaging tape  (10 rolls)
Light test fishing line     (3-4 spools)
Glitter-gold, silver, green    4-5 each
Spray glue (3)
Wide craft sticks  (1000)

Garland strings   (?)

Here we go again!
To gat a feel for what is involved,  read some of the interactions below. Listen for our first wide scale meeting to be during the week of October 25th.  We had a lot of leadership graduate last year,  who is going to step up and fill their shoes????  Spread the word to friends, new students and freshmen, we need elves, workers and support!
Stuff we still need (updated 12/11 12:30 pm)!
Please see the list below if you can help in ANY way! 

17 hours until gametime!!
Stuff we still need in a rough order of importance:

Syrup (2 gal jugs)
White duct tape (4 rolls)
Wrapped candy   (10 bags)
Small paper plates for cookies   (300)
Ziplock bags for cookies/crafts (3-4 boxes)
White duct tape (4 rolls)
Fake trees (?)
Garland strings   (?)
Sugar cut-out cookies (down to 15 doz!)
          Simple recipe (3 doz):      2 cups flour
3/4 c butter
3/4 c sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla.
Bake at 325 degrees on ungreased cookie sheet 13-15 minutes
Activity L:ist as of 11-09-09
If U are missing from the list, come to the next meeting & fix it!
Meeting Update 11/02
Hello hello! So I do have to say that we all did a good job with those candy invitations! Woo! Good job guys and girls. We still need more candy, so keep bringing in some more supplies (let's pile up Mr Carbone's room like last year =] ). Some more snowflake making this Thursday (keep making them at home!) and also going on that day is the ground clearing for our future shed. Mr. Carbone, Mr. Dyre, and a couple of other teachers are going out to clear up the ground for the shed and whoever wants to is welcome to go along too. The actual shed building day is Wednesday, Nov 11th (aka Veteran's Day, our day off) and anyone who wants to come can also, just make sure you check with Mr. Carbone the day before!
See you all Thursday =]
I've added 2 model snowflakes that people can start making and bringing in for decorations. If the directions to make them are not clear we're having another meeting for snowflake learning/making this coming Thursday. Here's two websites that also has some cool snowflakes for people to make =] :
Don't forget to keep bringing in the supplies!
See you all Monday, Nov 2nd =]
Meeting Update 10/22
Last Thursday we talking about having T-Shirts for everyone who's involved in Breakfast with Santa and if that happens then maybe we can pick a day out of the week (maybe a day when we have a meeting) where all of us wears the shirt. We also want some novelties (eg costumes, snow-making machine, etc) if anyone has the hook-up =] Meeting this coming Monday and don't forget to mark your calendars with the Snowflake Making Days on Oct 29 (TH) and Nov 5 (also a TH). See you all tomorrow! =]
Snow Flakes & Ice Sickles
Mrs Floyd is willing to come in on Oct 29 AND Nov 5 to teach all interested elves how to cut snowflakes and make Ice Sickles.
Meeting Update 10/19
There's now a list of general suppy that we need for this year's BWS. Print it out, pick out what you can bring, and bring it in at anytime! The official date for BWS is Saturday, Dec. 12th and although that might seem far now, it's really not so get started! We're thinking up of games and activities the kids can do that particular day so feel free to submit your ideas. There's also a Facebook group that you can join and post your ideas or questions. We're also thinking of meeting 2 or 3 times a week from now on so keep a look out for meeting dates.
See you at the next meeting!
Breakfast With Santa 2009!
Hey Everyone!
Welcome to yet another year! We've only had one meeting and we already have tons of great ideas in mind, but of course, help is extremely necessary. The goal this week is to get a couple of general supplies (scotch tape, wrapping paper, some Christmas ornaments, cardboard, etc) and invite more people to join this year's Breakfast With Santa. Next general meeting for all participants is this coming Monday (Oct. 19th) in Mr.Carbone's room right after school. If weather permits, try to hit those yard sales to see if you can find something that we can use =]
See you all Monday!!
Satellite Sightings
Woodbridge VA International Space Station (ISS) sightings or many other satellites too  
What a Blast it Was!

I just posted a slide show of 55 pics I took yesterday at Breakfast with Santa 2008.  What a blast it was.  I can’t wait until next year.  All the worry & anticipation over the last 6 months was well worth it.  I can’t believe all the remarks & compliments I received as I asked many of the parents and kids that came into our home to help us celebrate Santa.  The open eyes & smiles on their faces seemed to make all their other troubles melt away for at least a few hours.  Whether they took part in the games & crafts or made cookies or wrote letters to Santa, they seemed to enjoy every moment.  Talking to the elves that ran the welcome station as they came in, they commented as though it seemed they came in but didn’t want to ever leave.

Santa was the man of the hour.  All, including the elves had a chance to sit on that famous lap & tell him all they wanted.  All in attendance looked at him with awe.  Some of the kids lost that look once on his lap.  I remember that same feeling many years ago.

I am looking forward to so much more with FP’s BWS 2009.  Please pass on the word to others who may have missed this chance so that that can become an elf & brighten the life of so many others.  Get them to join the BWS fusion page too so they can stay in touch & involved.

The FP Staff

 PS  We hope you enjoy the slide show.  The real pics are posted in the 2008 BWS Pics folder on the main page.

Status for BWS as of 12/2/08
We have come VERY far but still have a lot of ground to cover! I have placed a pdf file of what we still need under the group files section. Please look through it to see if there is anyplace that you can help! We have 3 more days!!! If you can help please email me right away with specifically what you can do/provide and when!
Setup Info
We'll have a discussion board on this shortly. We expect to go into high gear on Friday the 5th for setup at 2:15. We may finish by 11. We will have more to do Saturday morning and will be here as early as we can get in.
Have's and Need's
We will have for certain:
      Santa (hopefully with camera and computer that we can email pix)
      Mrs. C reading books and giving away books (we have ~300)
      6-8 games (still working on those)
     crafts:   cookie decorating, ornament making, coloring
     Letters to Santa
     Caroling corner
     Face Painting (anyone artistic?)
     Kids gingerbread houses
     3 gift baskets to bid on
     6 (hopefully) large gingerbread houses to bid on
     1000 sugar cookies (from the PTSO)

Stuff we still need:

wrapping paper...TONS!  

    small prizes
    small wrapped candy
    small candy canes
    cookie decorating supplies (frosting tubs, sprinkles, candies etc)
    small unwrapped candies to decorate the gingerbread houses
    pine cones
    decorations (trees, lights, yard stuff can have it back at noon on the 6th!)
    rocking chair for Mrs. Claus to read
    chair for santa
   ziplock bags
   small paper plates
   craft stuff (sequins, buttons etc)

If you can gather any of the above please let us know right away so we aren't trying to find/collect it any longer!
Santa' Letter to All
Santa wanted to send a special note out to all of his families looking forward to the holidays. With the struggling economy he has had a difficult time retaining his elves; they have all been forced to take on separate jobs to make ends meet. He has been forced to modify the Breakfast-With-Santa program for one year. Santa, Mrs. Claus and several elves will still be here in coordination with an outstanding performance of The Polar Express on December 6th. There will be pictures, some games, activities and prizes but it will be a much scaled down event from previous years. In the interim, he will be meeting with the elves union reps and retooling his factory in the hopes to be back online in full fashion next year. Please visit his Fusion website for updates and ways you can help, Mom’s and Dad’s he is watching you too! If you are also in a rebuilding year and have old decorations, wrapping paper, toys or books you would be willing to let Santa use for next year please let his helpers know right away.  See our website to help:
December 6th, 2008 @ FPHS
Starts at 08:00 call the school (703-583-3200) or visit for details

Norad Tracks Santa

Discussion Topics
Group Contacts
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Group Files
 Pics of BWS'08
What a Blast it was. Kids from all over Northern VA & all paid for by the donations & sweat for the FP population (students, parents, friends & staff)
 Snowflakes To Make
Here's the models to make some snowflakes =]
 2009 12 days Stuff we still need.doc
BWS List Version 3.0.1
 BWS Supply List II.doc
Version 2.99.7

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